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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  September 21, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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this is abc15, taking action. >> a man steals a car and leads police on a chase on valley streets. how officers finally caught him. and three schools threatened in the span of 24 hours. and what schools are doing to ease fears. and we're following ongoing protests in north carolina. police desib leading up to the shooting death of an unarmed man. and we're told this guy walked up behind a woman, lifted up her dress, and then grabbed her. take a good look at the sketch. police say it happened in the afternoon on september 9th on 59th avenue north of the
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call police. one man is in the hospital after being shot and then he was able to walk to the ambulance. just a few minutes later, a different guy, he is taken into police custody. police were called out to a dispute among neighbors and it escalated. three people are in custody after a high speed chase overnight in phoenix. police spotted a stolen car near 27th avenue and indian school. the driver got on off around 43rd avenue. the car started smoking and sparking. two people were caught and then a k-9 was able to bite the driver. not only was the school vandalized, stuff was stolen. there's no surveillance video to help catch the bad guys. we'll pass along the
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one. i need to inform you i received a report that an unidentified student was threatening to bring a gun to school and harm certain individuals. >> that's the principal's message in green lee county. it's been an unsettling morning for some parents. at maricopa high school, students are back after a bomb hoax cancel classes. >> reporter: maricopa high is increasing security. and a threat canceled classes yesterday. it was a specific threat faxed in and mentioned bombs and hostages. and police say the exact threat was made to two other schools out of state. students were rerouted to a nearby school so parents could pick them up. >> it feels pretty safe. cops did their job yesterday
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matter what. >> that wasn't the only scare in the valley yesterday. at north canyon high school, a student was taken into custody for bringing a gun. and a 13-year-old boy brought a gun and bullets to show his friends. no one was hurt in either case. detectives are working to trace where the threat came from. raquel cervantes, abc1 >> talking about the weather. yesterday cloudy and today cloudy. are we getting any rain? >> there's a chance for more showers and storms. and also tomorrow. right now, we've actually see the skies clear up quite nicely. we started the day with thicker clouds and sprinkles. since then a lot more clearing and plenty of moisture still out there. the dew points sitting in the low 60s indicating that the moisture, the tropical moisture that surged into the state is
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with the moisture in place and as we get daytime heating. we have a slight chance of a thunderstorm. we'll warm to 95. slight chance of rain today. and chances for storms actually get better tomorrow as we track a more fall like storm system through the state. we're talking a cold front pushing through. we'll talk about the storm threat going into tomorrow, the hazards, and the cooler air that settles in. all new images demonstrators filling the streets of north carolina in protest of police brutality. charlotte's police chief is trying to figure out how to respond to an officer involved shooting and the killing of a man. dozens of officers were -- keith scott got out of a car with a gun and then got back inside. the police chief said officers
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weapon. officer brentley vinson fired. >> mr. scott sits there every day, wanting to pick up his son and give him a hug. >> charlotte's mayor is in contact with president obama and asking for peace as this investigation continues. sheriff joe battles could cost you more money. it's up to the board of supervisors as to whether the taxpayers will shell out for the attorneys. if approved, taxpayers will pay $48.2 million. he earns $100,000 annually as sheriff but has not had to dig into his own wallet for the case. neighbors want a county
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farm. a group of tonopah residents think that the stench from the 4 million hens is already too much. and they don't want the farm to expand any more saying it's a threat to the environment and the community. they plan to deliver petitions to the county board of supervisors, demanding hickman recuse himself. a man must way $10 million for raping a teacher at an arizona prison. a federal harvey to pay $5 million and the other half for punitive damages. harvey pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison. the state settled with the teacher for $3 million. the dea is targeting doctors running so called pill mills. that's adding to the prescription pill addiction. they are using an east valley doctor to set an example.
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the prescriptions like candy. the dea says it will only push people to become heroin addicts. >> one bad doctor can wreak havoc in the community. >> the doctor is still practicing and the medical review board is reviewing the case to determine if they'll suspend his license. >> still to come, toxins in the water. we're separating fact from fiction when it comes to th safety of the water. 47 days until you place your vote. what our troops think of the candidates plus the ways the election is taking a toll on all of us. are you heading out to staples. we'll hop on to vote
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in your water. phoenix has the highest amount of chromium six compared to any other city with more than a million people. it's a metal that can cause cancer if you ingest too much. phoenix water officials say they monitor the chromium and the study doesn't reflect levels at the tap. >> the water is as safe -- reliable, and less than any limit that we can find out there to be below. >> other valley cities with chromium in the water through mesa, glendale, and scottsdale. happening today, the ceo of mylan is testifying on the cost of epipens. she's expected to defend the pens. the prices have gone up 500% since 2007. that's about $608. the house oversight committee releasing the testimony ahead of the hearing. she wishes the company better
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the acceleration of the rising prices. the feds are taking action to try and stop overdoses. they have challenged anyone to make an app to connect a person starting to overdose to others who may have the drug in a clock zone. both presidential candidates have been out to prove who can keep the country safe. a new poll shows troops think about all this. we have a slight chance of rain today, and i'm tracking
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue
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t lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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a new military poll finds donald trump leading with the troops but barely. he has 38% of the vote according to the military times and syracuse university. and 22 members were polled. gary libertarian barely a point behind. and hillary clinton had 16% of the support. and jill stein has 1%. so 47 days out and donald trump is facing a new scandal. the gop campaign is responding to claims from the washington post that trump used his family
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his campaign manager called it biased journalism and the money went to veterans groups. the former secretary of state is back on the campaign trail attending a rally in orlando. and we've learned that the clinton campaign plans to spend more advertising money in the key battleground states. many americans are feeling more stress cue to the election. >> the american psychological association found more than a stressed out by political discussions at work. younger adults and men tend to feel the worst effects including difficulty concentrating and lower work quality. a fight for the right to play is unfolding. dozens of school parents want the kids to have a longer break. others say play time can be after school. district officials say they're
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>> we turned out okay and we had multiple recesses. >> the other side has been happy with the way things are and don't want to give up the instructional minutes. >> the district will send out a survey to parents and make a decision. crews are making progress on a wildfire in california. the canyon -- 12,000 acres at vandenberg air force base. it's 50% contained. and crews may more resources. >> when they start doing that the resources can come anywhere from up and down the state. and when they get depleted, they'll go as far as florida to bring in resources. >> the cause of the fire is still under investigation. did you catch the lightning show last night in the valley? look at the video.
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this video was sent in. we did check with srp and fewer than 40 customers lost power in the east valley. and those storms putting on quite a show. and we actually lost our phoenix radar for a while overnight because of a possible lightning strike. it's back up and running now. we had sprinkles this morning. and no lightning and no lightning now as we have those mo the thicker clouds have cleared out. you'll notice that there's still that moisture in the air. we're not in the clear for storm chances just yet. desert doppler is up and running and scanning quiet conditions around the valley. we have a few showers southwest of wickenburg. and the rest of the area around
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we have showers across northwest arizona and those have been steady through the morning. and we've had spotty showers in northeast arizona through the morning. and now we're starting to see a few showers and possibly thunderstorms firing up near sun valley. as we go through the day today with the moisture lingering and with the heating of the day, we've got at least a slight chance of pop-up storms this afternoon. that moisture showcased here, and you can see all the green indicating the dew points in the mid-50s the state. when you step outside, it's going to feel muggy and that comes into play this afternoon. if you've got plans to get outdoors, it's going to stay humid and you've got to keep an eye on the sky. chances are low for the immediate phoenix metro. i think at most, a 10% chance for a stray thunderstorm. it will be worth watching this
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and then we track more changes going into tomorrow. today that lingering moisture and the daytime heating is going to give us the storm chances. tomorrow we track a more fall like storm system moving in from the pacific northwest or approaching from the pacific northwest. and it's going to send a cold front across the state through the day tomorrow. ahead of it. the winds will kick up and with the moisture and the cold front, that's the perfect combination for more storms to develop. and whatou is that a band of storms will swing across the state starting in northwest arizona and eventually the valley. and eastern arizona. behind this system we'll get drier and cooler air just in time for the weekend. so here's what to look out for. watch for a few pop-up storms that could develop around the valley and in the higher terrain to the north. overnight tonight, we'll be
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starts to move in. and the line of storms slowly pushes east. and after 10:00 is when the chances start to get better. the storm chances continuing through the afternoon as that line of storms continues to push off to the east. know that the storms that develop tomorrow could be on the strong side, especially through the northwest pocket of the state, and we could get strong winds. possibly some tomorrow be on the lookout. today, a 10% chance of a stray shower or a thunderstorm. going into tomorrow, the chances get higher, especially after 10 a.m. through the afternoon into the evening. after that though we start to get cooler air in and that's going to mean a great weekend outlook. i'll show you that in just minutes. it's the headlines that people can't stop talking about. the divorce of angelina jolie
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sources say they are being cordial. joe lee filed citing irreconcilable differences and asking for full custody of the six children. coming up next, it's our
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>> the >> the time to start moving and we're taking action to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. >> it's warming up -- not warming up, cooling down. the opposite. and a lot of folks will be headed out to run. and sandy from village health is here. we talk about stretching, and you have a foam roller here.
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hip to your knee can get tight from running or climbing stairs. >> i'm having problems with it right now. >> to stretch that out what you want to do is you start at the hip, you cross the opposite leg over. and you roll. you push with the left leg and roll that i.t. band. >> okay. >> and that's almost like a deep muscle massage and helps to release that tissue. >> >> about a minute. at least 10 times and go slow to really get into the muscle. >> got it. i know i do that and it actually kind of hurts. >> it does hurt. >> it needs to be done. >> what should it feel -- pressure right there? >> you'll feel pressure. you'll feel -- it is painful. but it's a good pain and helps
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and help your run efficiently. >> what about the glutes? >> what you could do is cross the side that you're going to stretch or roll on. cross that leg over and lean over onto it and that will help stretch the glutes. >> wow. >> and then what's the next one? i know was it the quads? was that what i saw on the graphic? >> you could do quads, you can do almost >> cross the opposite leg over if you want it deeper. and nice and slow. roll it out. >> before or after or both? >> i think after. you can do it before but when you're doing activity you're going to tighten up anyways. so after would be better. >> and ideally, 10 to 15 minutes to get through all of them. >> yeah, about 10, 15 minutes. and it helps you run more
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leg. >> it really can be. it's best to stretch. >> she's already stretched out. and you can run back to village health. >> thank you so much. >> thank you! still to come on abc15 news at 11:00, there's information on your screen with a lot of news to get to, including this story. protests and looting after another police shooting of an unarmed black the violence sending a dozen officers to the hospital.
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tensions have passed the boiling point in north carolina. protests lasting through the night after keith lamont was killed at the hands of police. >> one police officer was hit in the face with protesters smashed police cruisers and blocked traffic on i-85. >> some looted a tractor- trailer and then set it on fire. >> reporter: tensions boiling over through the night on the streets of charlotte. protesters outraged, shutting down a major highway and attempting to overturn a police car. a dozen officers injured and
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for calm. >> i'm asking the community and people here to please wait until all the information is available. police say they were searching for a suspect with outstanding warrants and they saw keith lamont scott who they weren't looking for. scott got out of his car, holding a gun. >> the officers gave loud, clear, verbal commands to drop the weapon. as they continued to yell, stepped out, posing a threat. >> that's when brent lee vinson fired striking scott. cpr was performed and he later died. scott's family gave another scenario. >> they jumped up and said he got a gun, he got a gun. that's it. he had no gun. >> that police officer who fired the fatal shot is on paid
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through scores of video. and he said the officer who fired the fatal shot was not wearing a camera. abc news, new york. i lost it. it's the most devastating thing that has ever happened to me in my life. >> the father of the unarmed man shot and killed by a police officer in tulsa speaking out in an interview with cnn. they talked about the dash cam and they are urging prosecutors to press charges against betty shelby. her attorney claims he failed to comply with the orders. we know the feds were warned about the suspected bomber ahmad khan rahmani years ago. we see him about to plant the
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shatter windows about 400 feet away and propel a dumpster 120 feet. 120 people were injured. the details come as the fbi confirms his father warned them about his son. >> did you talk to the fbi and tell them your son was involved in terrorism? >> yes. >> you may remember on monday, the fbi's assistant director in new york said at the time of the bombing, radar. >> a father calls 911, telling the operator he killed his wife and four kids. right now the woman is clipping to her -- clinging to her life. the man was waiting on the porch. and the two kids were shot and the others died from exhaust fumes. in utah, deputies trying to stop a truck going 95 miles per hour. this was after a quick stop.
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and took off, eventually pulling into a gas station. he tried to convince deputies he was just a witness. the states affected by a leak in alabama will soon get relief. crews have been building a temporary bypass in the leaky pipe and gas will begin flowing today. >> the shutdown has led to gas gas stations are not getting back to normal just yet in the five states affected. it will take several days for the fuel supply chain to return to normal. stations will still have limited supplies and prices. and they are not expected to stabilize any time soon. 47 days until election day. and both hillary clinton and donald trump have their eyes set on victory.
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donations to settle personal lawsuits. in one case he wracked up a $120,000 fine over a flag pole. he agreed to donate $100,000 to a veterans charity. he boasted about tactics he uses including using other people's money. >> there's nothing like doing things with other people's money. >> the foundation'ta show the last time he made a personal contribution was eight years ago. and it got easier to watch the candidates head to head. all of the three debates will be on facebook. you can watch it on abc15 news. the shock of the pulse nightclub shooting affected people in different ways. >> kim goldman spoke with her. what does his ex-wife believe
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>> thank you for having me. >> reporter: she shared personal details, she felt that omar had struggles with sexuality. that maybe he was a homosexual. and their life together in a physical sense was very clinical. omar talked about his tension with his father and him wanting him to be a real man. there was a lot of tension in his family and the end, omar acted out of his own personal struggles more than the radical islam situation that people seemed to think was the motive. crime watch delayy will have much more at 3:00 on abc15. a mesa man arrested on charges of child porn. jonathan hilton was found thanks to a tip from the
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ex-exploited children. graphic images were discovered on his laptop and on a jump drive. the youngest victim -- just 8 years old. new video out of oldtown scottsdale after a native traditions jewelry store was targeted. someone smashed into the display cases and took off with jewelry. we don't have a suspect description but we'll along as soon as it becomes available. he attempted to rob the place. but he left empty handed. no one was hurt but the suspect is 5'8" a white male in his early 20s. you are now the president of the united states. >> the new tv season is kicking into high gear. we'll take you inside the premiere of designated survivor.
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tonight is a big night on abc. and we'll have a giveaway on abc15. it's the premieres of the goldbergs, blackish, modern family, and the newest edition, the hilarious show called win one of our gift bags. it has everything you need to watch your favorite shows. inside you'll find cups and a snugglely blanket and a popcorn bowl. 1(877)222-1515 for your chance to win. >> i just want that bag right there. i want it bad.
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premieres tonight. it's one of the talked about shows. kiefer sutherland is a low level cabinet member suddenly becoming the president. >> kiefer sutherland, returning to tv as the designated survivor. >> you are now the president of the united states. >> the designated survivor is actually a tru mess of terrorist attacks. who runs the government? >> the political leadership in the nation's capitol wiped out leaving the head of housing and urban development running the entire company. if you think it sounds like just another political drama,
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think again. >> it's drama and thriller. >> and it's really mind blowing. >> calling the plot intriguing, compelling, and thought provoking. >> that age old question, you know? do corrupt people ascend to power? or does power corrupt? and here is a very good person and what is going to him. >> my fellow americans -- >> abc15 news, new york. first target, kohl's, and now another department store is hiring for the holidays. why a certain pop-up object
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o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message
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[bell] keeping an eye on wall street. and the dow is down -- i'm sorry up 65 points. 18,195. and a consumer alert this morning, especially if you have a young child at home. even flo is recalling booster seats because kids can loosen
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of comments. if you have this, even flow will contact you to replace the harness button. >> your favorite stores are gearing up for the holiday season. macy's wants to fill 83,000 positions in stores, call centers, and distribution centers. it's the same amount of workers hired last holiday season. and google launched to compete with facebook message. it learned from the conversations you have and then it's going to suggest responses for you. there's also google searching, stickers, group chatting and an option to allow messages to expire. apple as finished construction on a massive solar plant in florence, and now they're going to share the
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the plan will feed into the plan. srp will buy the power at wholesale rates. the usda -- a mountain lion jumped over two fences, killing a sheep. a park manager tells abc15 this was an isolated freak accident and they will work with the local inspector on a solution. owe deucey here. hope you you ignore pop-ups on your computer. what do you do when they show up on your phone. >> a notice about changing my password. >> reporter: it does to will. after turning on his iphone, this message pops up. you must change your iphone unlock pass code at this time.
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computer, tablet, or cell phone. >> she came over and told me it came from apple. >> a few days later. they asked me to change my password again. >> reporter: it's claimed that it's part of the new security. you can be asked to change it if it's too simple or too common. will says it worked for him. >> and it hasn't come back since. >> these random pop-ups can be very dangerous. i say close them out until you know. if you have friends or family in the buckeye state, allegiance is offering nonstop from mesa to cleveland. flights will start november
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thanksgiving. pieces of the submarine named for phoenix -- it was first time put in water in 1981. it was decommissioned in 1988. for now. the parts of the sail and the rudder -- donations are needed for the moment. find the information on phoenix you'll want to grab a tissue. during an interview, a police officer in ohio was approached by a stranger. at least he thought it was a stranger. >> turned out the police officer saved him from drowning when he was 5 years old. >> do you remember me? >> no, sir. >> about 1997 -- a swimming
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>> how cool is that? that man is now 24 years old and has a 5-year-old daughter and says his little girl wouldn't be in the world without the officer's historic actions. we're giving away the swag bag. i do want a bag. >> i work here and don't have this bag. we have our winners for this. congratulations to all of the winners. and today is the last full today of summer. and tomorrow we kickoff fall. but yes tomorrow is officially the first day of fall. and we're tracking our first system. isolated storms are still a possibility today as we get some daytime heating.
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there's moisture in the air. that's going to combine to give us the threat today. tomorrow a storm system approaching from the northwest. and we've got a chance for storms along a cold front that's going to move through. and storms could be stronger through the day tomorrow. so for today, plan on a mix of sun and clouds enthuse the afternoon. we'll be warming into the 90s. and today a warmer day yesterday. it's still below the 30-degree average. it's going to be a warm afternoon with temperatures in the mid-90s. and the mix of sun and clouds with a 10% chance. and it's going to feel humid. temperatures will be dropping and the humidity is going to stay elevated. >> the best potential will be across the higher terrain. we could see a few pop-ups
11:51 am
an isolated threat within the valley. important to keep an eye to the sky as we have the moisture in place it will be worth watching any storms that develop. a cold front will move in and that line of storms will start to develop. some of the storms would be thong and possibly severe. and as the frt moats how the storms move with it. our time -- we'll see the storms inching closer to the valley. and chances continuing into the evening. and that storm threat will continue to push off to the east as the day goes on. heading into friday, we'll get drier, cooler air, but there's a chance we could get a few
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on friday in the meantime watch for a few pop-ups. strong winds, hail is not out of the question in northwest arizona. storm chances are up perform. congressmen chen we'll -- we have wednesday chances. and going into tomorrow we'll get stronger winds. at times the wind gusts will peak 20 to 25 miles per hour with sustained winds in the valley five to 15 miles per hour. notice tomorrow during the day, the strongest winds will be across northern arizona. watch for strong cross winds. then we get the cooler air. the friday's highs only in the upper 80s.
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degrees saturday morning. start making if weekend plans. a group of friends figure out a way to water ski. the skier holds the other send on the opposite side of the shore. they even used system to prove a. that's amazing. that's amazing right there. >> are you going to do that? >> probably not. next we're recapping the
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abc15's poll of the day brought to you by sanderson ford. we wanted to annoy are you
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arizona restaurant week. 22% say yes. and 78% say that you'll pass. just about 12:00 so let's recap
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we blindfolded dale and told him to find the chicken with no antibiotics. the thing is, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. how's it going, dale? workin' on it! some chicken companies try to get you to spend more money by using labels like "raised without antibiotics." at sanderson farms, we don't believe in gimmicks like that. well, how'd i do? no antibiotics to worry about here.
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